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Ackland Art Museum

Located at 101 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, the Ackland Art Museum is a top notch institution that's a magnet for the arts and sciences. With a focus on modern and contemporary art, it's no surprise that the museum is one of the most popular among the state's colleges and universities. It's also no surprise that the city boasts a thriving arts scene. A visit to the museum will leave you with a new appreciation of the fine art of the visual arts and a sense of wonderment. The museum has a slew of great exhibitions on display, including a major exhibition titled Carolina Collects, which features an impressive collection of art by renowned artists such as Robert Adams and George Bingham.


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The museum also has an exhibit titled The Hoop, which features the work of a dozen artists, including two alumnae of the institution, namely Deborah Willis and Jennifer O'Brien. The exhibition will be on display through May. Aside from the exhibition, the museum will also host a series of lectures on the history of photography in North Carolina. These are free and open to the public, but you may want to make a reservation.


The Ackland Museum is also home to an impressive collection of historical photographs. These images are a must-see for any photography enthusiast. They are a fun and informative homage to a period of time when North Carolina's history was still young and exciting. In particular, the museum is highlighting the work of Reynolds Price, the late, lamented master printer of the New York Times. Although his legacy is now tarnished, his scribblings are a rich vein of photographic gold. If you value art as much as we do your going to love it.


The Ackland Museum has a few other great exhibits on display, including a collection of photographs by Larry Schwarm, a former student of the museum. The museum's exhibits are among the best in the state, but the one that stands out is the Ackland's homage to Reynolds Price. The museum's exhibit is a must-see for fans of photography, and its exhibits will leave you with a newfound appreciation of the art of the print.

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