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Best of Durham - Pt. 15

Located in North Carolina's famed "Research Triangle," Durham is a city that offers plenty of activities and things to do. It is home to Duke University, and many cultural events and activities are hosted there. Durham is also home to an active local music scene. You can find a wide variety of styles, from folk to metal, and jazz to hip-hop. Whether you're looking for live music in downtown Durham or elsewhere in the Triangle, you're sure to find something. More about Durham here.


Durham is home to the Durham Performing Arts Center, a world-class performing arts theater. The city also hosts many other performing arts events. The Nasher Museum of Art is also located in Durham.


The city is also home to Duke University, one of the largest public universities in the nation. The campus includes the Nasher Museum of Art, as well as a neo-Gothic Duke Chapel. A variety of smaller visual arts galleries can be found throughout Durham. A number of cultural events are held in downtown Durham, including the OUTsouth Queer Film Festival and the Bull Durham Blues Festival.

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In the late 18th century, Durham was home to a number of African-American enterprises. In addition to agriculture, the area was also a center for manufacturing. William Johnston was a local shopkeeper and farmer, and helped underwrite Daniel Boone's explorations westward. He also served in the Provincial Capital Congress in 1775.


The tobacco industry also played a major role in the economic growth of Durham. Durham was home to the Bull Durham Tobacco Company, which thrived in the late 1800s. The company created a monopoly on the smoking industry by 1900, and subsequently broke up under antitrust laws. As a result, Durham became a center of commerce for tobacco products. This industry spawned the American Tobacco Company and Liggett and Myers, among other businesses.


Today, Durham is a city of diverse people from all backgrounds. It has a large middle class African-American population. There are also many young technology entrepreneurs in the area. In addition, the city is home to several colleges and universities, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition, there are many civil rights activists in the area. In fact, Durham has been cited nationally for its efforts in the civil rights movement.


The city has also received recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Community. The city has extensive bicycle routes that are a great way to explore the city. In addition, the downtown area is full of family-owned restaurants. The best way to become familiar with the city's historic neighborhoods is to take a self-guided walking tour.


The city has a number of parks, including Forest Hills Park and Sandy Creek Park. The area also offers many outdoor activities, including swimming pools, splash pads, and city lakes. The winters are cold but usually mild. The city receives an average of six and a half inches of snow each year. However, it melts relatively quickly. In the summers, the weather can be hot and humid. The summer months can also bring thunderstorms.


Point of Interest #1 Jack Coombs Field, 101 Whitford Dr, Durham, NC 27708


Point of Interest #2 Ambler Tennis Stadium, 324 Towerview Rd, Durham, NC 27710


Point of Interest #3 Duke Basketball Museum, 306 Towerview Rd Schwartz-Butters Athletic Center, Durham, NC 27710


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