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Located in North Carolina's Granville County, Cozart is a town that is part of the United States. It is located at 36 degrees latitude and 79 degrees longitude. The population of Cozart is approximately 2,800 people. This community is part of the Charlotte metropolitan area. The Cozart population follows the national standard range of annual household income.


The town of Cozart is in a rural location, but there are many recreational activities for residents to enjoy. There are also a few restaurants and shopping areas. The town has an overall unemployment rate of %. In addition, it has a number of older-adult care homes that offer seniors an ideal place to live. These homes can be a good fit for seniors who value the small town life. The majority of residents who live in older-adult care homes are senior citizens, but these communities are also a good choice for families with children. Another great post.


The town of Cozart is home to the first African-American president of Barber-Scotia College. The college, which began as a seminary in 1867, was founded by the Board of Presbyterian Missions for Freedmen, who envisioned the college as a school that would train women to be teachers and community workers. The college was later absorbed into Barber Memorial College in Anniston, Alabama.


Cozart, North Carolina is a small town with a large number of restaurants and outdoor activities to offer its residents. The town is primarily white, but the population is not all-white. In addition to the restaurants, there are a number of older-adult care homes in the town. These homes are a good choice for seniors who value smaller towns and neighborhoods. They can also help seniors develop strong friendships.


Cozart is home to the Tobacco Museum of North Carolina, which holds literary rights to a number of documents. The museum records include records from Kenly, NC, and Wilson, NC. They also have records from Brunswick Navigation Company, the Portsmouth Fisheries Company, and the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The Tobacco Museum of North Carolina also holds literary rights to documents from the Cozart, Eagles, and Carr tobacco warehouse. These records include business records, including customers' names and annual totals. Learn more about us.


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