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Gregg Museum of Art and Design

Located on the North Carolina State University campus in Raleigh, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design is a cultural institution that serves the Triangle region. With an extensive collection of objects, the Gregg provides a free and accessible way to explore art and culture. It offers an engaging experience through thoughtfully curated exhibits and activities, encouraging exploration and creativity. The museum is free to the public and open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Call your friends and family to explore the museum at 1903 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27607. The team at Morrisville Counseling love admiring the many different types of art offered here.


The Gregg Museum of Art and Design's collections span a wide variety of disciplines and cultures. The museum maintains a permanent collection of over 35,000 objects, including Native American art, textiles, design and decorative arts, and outsider art. The museum also maintains a library of more than 3,000 books related to the museum's collections, which can be used to research the collections or browse the catalog. It also includes ethnographic materials and architectural drawings.


In addition to the museum's permanent collection, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design has a number of traveling exhibitions. These exhibitions offer the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and artists from around the world. The museum also hosts lectures by artists. Many of the artists that visit the Gregg for an exhibition opening also attend talks at the museum. This provides an opportunity for students to learn more about their subject and artists.


The Gregg Museum of Art and design is housed in the former Chancellor's Residence. It moved to this location in August 2017. The museum has a variety of galleries and exhibits that change every few months. Its collection of objects is organized by location and item. Some of the objects in the Gregg Museum of Art and Design's collection include African art, Asian art, contemporary art, folk art, photography, and sculpture. The museum's collection includes the largest collection of self-taught artists in North Carolina. The museum also maintains an educational collection that can be used to enhance understanding by providing up-close access to the museum's collections.


The Gregg Museum of Art and & Design is part of the university's ARTS NC STATE program. This program is dedicated to creating an artistic and cultural community on the NC State campus. The program is designed to help students enhance their learning through interactive art. It also offers spaces for students to participate in classes and private events. The Gregg Museum of Art and Design also works with the local community and offers programs for children. The museum offers yoga in the garden and Tai Chi classes.


The Gregg Museum of Art and Designs aims to foster creativity and critical thinking. It provides the opportunity for students to explore and express their ideas through thought provoking exhibitions. It also provides an opportunity for students to explore the museum's extensive collections and enjoy its grounds. The museum is a free resource for the community and encourages interaction with artists. 

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