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Lake Ellen

Located in Orange County, North Carolina, Lake Ellen is a lake that was originally created by Ted Greene. The lake was named after his wife, Ellen, and stocked with fish. The lake was about eight acres in size at the time. He sold the land with the lake as a selling point. The lake is now maintained by the Lake Ellen Homeowners' Association (LEHA) which is a non-profit organization that is open to residents of the North Forest Hills neighborhood. Next post.


Lake Ellen is a small but mighty town that is sure to appeal to outdoorsy types. It's home to several notable attractions including the Oak Hills of Lake Ellen and Lake Ellen Beach Park. It's also home to the North Forest Hills neighborhood. There's plenty to do in the area, ranging from camping to boating to golf.


The best part about living in Lake Ellen is that you get to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of driving to another town to experience it. Aside from the Oak Hills of Lake Ellen, the town is also home to several parks and playgrounds. There's even a mini golf course for the kids, and a small dog park for the dog lovers. There's also an annual neighborhood Halloween bash. In the past, the annual Halloween festivities have featured a scavenger hunt, a bike rodeo, a parade, and more. The aforementioned Halloween event has also been a recurring staple of the neighborhood's social calendar, and is a great opportunity to meet fellow neighborhood residents. Having a good time at the festivities isn't the only reason to visit Lake Ellen; there are several great restaurants in the area. Don't forget to check out our location here.


The Lake Ellen Homeowners' Association has a slew of activities and events scheduled each year, such as a block party, a Halloween bash, and a slew of family fun activities, such as the "Let's Go" event where children can run around a decorated neighborhood. The LEHA is an all-volunteer organization, and most of its members aren't necessarily residents. Some board members do hold down full-time jobs, but the majority are self-employed.


The LEHA also tries to make the neighborhood a better place to live by implementing several small improvements over time. For example, the LEHA has already secured approval to build 10 single-family homes on the Lake Ellen Beach Park. As for the actual lake, the water was never a problem, and the maintenance of the lake was pretty smooth. On the downside, however, the LEHA bowed to pressure from its neighbors to make Lake Ellen an even more enjoyable place to live.

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