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Museum of Durham History

The Museum of Durham History is an important resource for local history. It is located at 500 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701.  In addition to the museum's permanent exhibit, the Museum offers a number of opportunities for Durham Public School families. For example, in August 2012 the Museum hosted Countdown to Kindergarten, a free event for parents and their children. At the event, parents explored the Museum's exhibits and participated in themed science activities. Children also met live animals and participated in a variety of activities. We love being a part of this community- check us out.


The Museum of Durham History also sponsors the Building Bridges Grants Program. This grant program is a collaboration with the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. It supports Durham Public Schools to implement literacy strategies and enhance student success. The museum's staff has worked with over 60 students since August 2012.


The museum is also working with the Durham Public Schools to improve STEM engagement. The museum provides quarterly science kits to over 750 elementary classrooms, and annual science kits to 72 middle school classrooms. The Museum provides training to teachers through workshops and classes. Teachers have used these science kits to teach science lessons in their classrooms. In addition, the Museum has worked with Durham Public Schools to update their elementary science curriculum to meet State standards. The museum's staff has also worked with 60 students to participate in science activities such as dissecting owl pellets and building robots with Legos. Check out another great art museum here.


In addition to providing science and technology enrichment programs for Durham Public Schools, the Museum also partners with community organizations to identify underserved families in Durham. The museum also supports literacy initiatives, partnering with Durham Public Schools on their early literacy programs. The museum has a special relationship with the Y.E. Smith Museum School in East Durham. The school has an ongoing science club for grades K-5 and works closely with museum staff. Learn even more in this other great location in the area.


The museum also has a program for parents and their children ages three to six. The program offers themed science activities and an opportunity to meet live animals. Some children may also have the opportunity to explore the Museum's grounds after the program.

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