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North Carolina Museum of History

Located on Ashe Avenue in downtown Raleigh, the North Carolina Museum of History is dedicated to preserving the history of the state and displaying more than 150,000 artifacts. The museum presents artifacts in both local and national contexts and features exhibits on various topics, such as colonial history, Native Americans, and Civil War. The museum also hosts special activities for kids that make for fun interactions with the exhibits. Come and visit the museum at 5 E Edenton St, Raleigh, NC 27601. Just a 2 minute walk from the next awesome location we wrote about recently.


The museum offers several tours to help visitors learn about the history of the region. The museum also offers a special program called Conservation Assistance Days, which ensures that historical items are properly cared for and preserved. In addition, the museum offers internships, educational resources, and volunteer opportunities to help you learn about the history of North Carolina.


The museum also hosts a variety of events, including concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and lectures. These events are designed to engage the community and create memorable experiences. During the holidays, the Museum holds a celebration known as Dreamville Festival, which features national acts and local acts. Other events include an all-day block party, a three-day science fiction festival, and a one-day multi-stage festival. These festivals celebrate the history and culture of the area and are a great way to get into the holiday spirit.


The museum offers several different exhibits, including those that focus on North Carolina artists. There are also a number of exhibits on the Civil War, including one that features the Selma to Montgomery: A March for the Right to Vote. The museum also features a Reflection Garden where visitors can contemplate the past. The museum also features artifacts related to the early settlers of the state, including statues of early North Carolina individuals modeled after forensically reconstructed archaeological remains.


The museum also features a museum store, where visitors can purchase items that they can bring home with them. The Museum also has an educational program, called the Tar Heel Junior Historian Association, which brings students from all over the state together for historical research and projects. The Tar Heel Museum also hosts special activities for kids, including a hands-on activity where kids can create their own historical artifact.


The North Carolina Museum of History also presents ongoing exhibitions, including a traveling exhibit that explores the story of the state. These exhibits change periodically, and visitors can check the Museum's website for the most current information. The museum also hosts educational programs such as lectures, classroom tours, and photography exhibitions. In addition, the museum offers free tours of the building.


The North Carolina Museum of History is located in downtown Raleigh, across from the Capitol. It is easy to access the Museum from major freeways, making it an ideal location for visitors to explore the state's history. Visitors can also find out more about the Museum by visiting its website, or by downloading pre-visit materials.


The museum has an exciting calendar of events, including exhibitions, lectures, and festivals, which are held throughout the year. Visitors can also enjoy special activities for kids, such as craft projects and games, that make for fun interactions with the museum's artifacts.

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